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Ashwina, Business Advisor
Ashwina, Business Coach


This is me, Ash!

Focused solely on what elevates me. Doing fun stuff with my son, exploring and being in nature, spending time with family, inspiring and being inspired, running my company empowering my clients to accelerate in life, through simplicity and joy.

In my early years I had a successful career in the Tech space (for over 10 years). By the age of 23 I bought my first home, which I completely renovated. By now the house is fully paid off and I rent it out to expats. At 34 I bought my second house. A mansion, 300+ m2, which I also renovated and is now worth a million bucks!

Yes, this goofy, joyous girl and single mom single handedly generated almost 1,5 million in real estate.

I had to do it for myself first and now finally making impact in other people’s lives. Helping them connect to their core to manifest their destiny.


Ashwina, Ashwina Ganpat
Ashwina, Testimonial
Ashwina, Testimonial
Ashwina, Testimonial

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Ashwina, Ouders van Nu
Ashwina, JAN
Ashwina, Flow Magazine
Ashwina, AD, Algemeen Dagblad
Ashwina, Vriendin
Ashwina, Ouders van Nu
Ashwina, JAN
Ashwina, Flow Magazine
Ashwina, AD, Algemeen Dagblad
Ashwina, Vriendin


Ouders van Nu

Recently I got interviewed by the Dutch magazine “Parents of Now’.

In this interview I share how my body was before, during and after childbirth. After years of practicing self love, becoming a mom was the final push that helped me to fully love and embrace my body.

You can read the full interview here.

Ashwina, Business Coach

“I wanted to live from joy and simplicity, a life with an abundance of time”


In the theme portrait ‘in all honesty’ Ashwina Ganpat shares why she left her glamorous life behind. 

[…] “Still, it started to itch just before I got thirty. Did this make me happy? If I continue to grow in this line of work, the next logical step would be to become a director. That actually seemed really boring to me. In addition, my work did not give me the fulfilment I desired at the time. I wanted to find myself, and my future plans, and decided to take a career break.”

Read the full article here.

Jan Interview I left my glamour life behind

“You live your Highest Potential by connecting with your core >> using your instincts and natural gifts.
It puts you in alignment with your desires.”

Ashwina, Dare to Express

Reconnect to your core

Align with your potential!

I help entrepreneurs, multi-talents and high achievers with coaching and guidance. By giving them the insights and steps needed to bridge the gap between who they truly are and what they are good at, and the power that flows from that.

Through my advice and guidance I help you to live in sync with your instincts, turn your thoughts into action and your vision into reality, so you get what you want in life.

Navigating you with clear insights and steps to take, empowering you and your business to thrive!

Ashwina, Testimonial, Sharon Vestering

She poked right through it and identified the problem.’ 

Ashwina is a very intuitive and spiritual business coach who truly has the gift to look right through you. 
Through her gameplan I uncovered my unique positioning and decided to start my own podcast. Still, the most valuable was our call. It really helped me in a big way. She held up a mirror for me, which I really needed, and poked right through my mask — not many people do that. Even though it was just one Zoom call for 30 min, it was enough to turn things around for me and work from a different state of being, a positive flow.

Sharon Vestering
Interior Designer

Podcast: De Interieur Ondernemer Ep.3

Ashwina, Testimonial, Marleen Schut

‘Ashwina gives the shortcut, with clear direction. She confirms, gives new insights, accelerates when necessary and gives honest and pure feedback’

With the help of the loving yet confrontational guidance of Ashwina, I have taken bigger and quicker steps than I thought was possible. At the very start of our contact I was able to let go of fears and false certainties.
Every day I use the practical and clear advice, in combination with my intuition, with as result; on point and coordinated action steps. I work faster and smarter and in a natural flow. This helps me on a daily basis with the growth of my company, and the connection with myself. I believe in my greatness and live with a sense of freedom, confidence and joy!

Marleen Schut

Ashwina, Testimonial, Sascha van Kessel

Ashwina came at just the right time for me and has changed my life.

I have become the most powerful woman I can imagine and radiate from the inside out. So excited about the future and feel so much love flowing. It has been the most beautiful journey I could have made.
I came to reconnect with my feelings, but already after the second session Ash gave me so much more. We have been able to give images and words to what it is that I serve and both know that these manifestations are also coming true. Thanks to Ashwina I have regained my strength. I am so, so grateful and prouder then ever of myself.

Sascha van Kessel
Behavioural Scientist/ Psychologist