About Ash

From London to South Africa, sometimes several destinations in one month. I have lived the hardcore business lifestyle in an international playing field. Made millions for the companies I worked for.

Yet despite my successes in life, there was always a nagging feeling, a certain satisfaction missing.

I always felt there was a greater mission meant for me. By the time I hit my 30’s I let go of my certainties and resigned. A break that was supposed to only last a year turned into three. It felt like my tropical years, every day following my joy!

It was a quest for who I am, and for my life’s mission. The outcome of my quest; reaching the most authentic expression of who I am while living in (a state of) Freedom and Abundance. 

That’s when I started to focus on building my financial freedom.

“By the age of 34 I owned 1,5 million in real estate.”

Ashwina Ganpat, Ashwina Ganpat, Here to lead Freedom Leaders with a Mission

The quickest way to get there was to get back to what I’m good at. 

I rented out my first home and left to Amsterdam. Living and working at the Zuidas, Amsterdam’s Business District, I ran the EMEA office for an American Tech company and started earning my capital to be able to invest in a second property. In the meantime, I also became a mom (my son Viggo – ’18).

Two years later my path to financial freedom came within reach, when I bought a mansion and renovated the house into 3 apartments.

Now, my mission is clear, making IMPACT by helping others align with their highest potential.

Ashwina, House of Ash

302 m², 11 rooms (7 bedrooms), 3 bathrooms and kitchens.

Kind words

Who better to describe who I am than the people that are close to me and/or that I have worked with

“Ashwina always looks for solutions. She overcomes obstacles by seeing it as blessings in disguise. She switches as it happens. Always able to see the sun through the dark clouds and doesn’t worry and enjoys the moment. She has an eye for the good things that are or will come her way, the rest will be fine.

She is very strong and independent and doesn’t let herself be limited, because she knows her own strength and just does it. She radiates that out. So far she has proven it over and over again. She has the power to take someone to next levels.”

– Mom

“Ashwina is leading by example by putting the effort needed to be successful.

Qualities as agility and trustwortiness are the standard with Ashwina, but her communication skills are surpassing. The right information at the right time, always promoting the business forward to a further stage.

I believe she will be succesful in whatever she wants to do because she is an achiever.”

– Orpeho Koulen,
Head of Channel and Alliances at Trend Micro

“Ashwina’s energy and personality is not her number 1 trade. What she is number 1 good at… she get things done! She is an achiever! Pulling things together and making things work.”

– David Brown,
VP Service Cloud at Salesforce

“Ashwina is a very good listener, who is able to bring clarity and translate to someone what it’s really about — both in business and private, it’s a combination.

She knows how to shine light on a subject, or an angle, that helps a person to move forward.”

– Jesse Staats,
Founder and CEO of The Linq Group