A Dance of Light and Shadow

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it's a dance of light and shadow Ashwina

I believe in ‘start before you are ready’, and I also believe in ‘everything happens at the right time…’ 

I used to overcome and accomplish things in life through willpower alone; ACTION, outward facing, getting things done mentality.

The younger version of me thought that courage meant facing the fear and doing it anyway, ignoring my feelings and going straight at my goal.

Now I have found that true courage is vulnerability, turning inward, slowing down, softening, feeling the fear, and feeling the emotions behind it, holding that space for myself despite the discomfort — it’s a dance of light and shadow.

Ashwina, Business Shaman

Are you ready to lose?

To let go of everything that is in the way of who you truly are? You are greatness beyond measure and my gift is to help you get there

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