Change was Forced

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Ashwina blog post change was force

The rug was pulled from under her, leaving her feeling powerless. She didn’t know what to do. Her relationship was over and so was her foundation. In the middle of the turmoil she needed to make a few decisions, stay in the house or sell it? Rent a place or buy a new home instead?

Within 3 months of working with me, she got clear on what she wanted, found her new home AND bought it during this insane housing market, without a real estate agent ; -), while the other house got sold too!
Despite all the odds being against her, she pulled it off!! How did she realise it, and how did she do it so fast?

I often say to my clients, when you feel stuck just wonder, ‘What would Ash do’? I know it sounds arrogant, but what I mean with that is quite the opposite.
I offer them a glimpse of my mind, of my way of thinking and how I navigate through life so that they can replicate it for themselves. But especially; 

  • Through the guidance, tools and action steps I give,
  • And the stories I tell,
  • By using my instincts,
  • And reconnecting them to their instincts, their inner TOM TOM and show them how magical life becomes when they use it daily as their own navigation kit,
  • By making them lighter and clearing the (hidden) blocks that were holding them back — closing the gap of where they are and where they want to be,
  • And empowering them, giving them the confidence that they will succeed. This helps them get to the next levels they wish to reach.

While her life turned a 180, with nothing to hold on to, she chose to invest in herself. From wallflower she transformed to a sunflower, finally facing the sun!

What next levels do you wish to welcome in your life? Would love to hear from you! Interested to see if I can help? You can request a call here.

Ashwina, Business Shaman

Are you ready to lose?

To let go of everything that is in the way of who you truly are? You are greatness beyond measure and my gift is to help you get there

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