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There were many crossroads in my life, moments I needed to make a decision that would impact my life for good…

I was 23 when my boyfriend dumped me. Instead of going back home to my parents (this was against my own principles), I rented a place and within 3 months bought my first home. 

One day my French manager took me aside. In short, his key message was that I wasn’t bringing my best. An inner flame turned into a fire and from that day on I overachieved my target, every single quarter, and even closed a $2,5 million deal!

During my sabbatical, I made zero income for a few years. Once my focus shifted to become financially independent, I started thinking of my next steps. Decided to look for a new job so that I could earn the money needed to invest in assets.

Within a few months I found a job, made a whooping €150k a year, moved to the Zuidas in Amsterdam and rented out my place, earning my first monthly passive income.

Just like my income changed from zero to €€€, so did my life. From living the freedom life back to hardcore corporate

At 34, mom of a 1 yr old, I bought my second (investment) house. A mansion that I renovated later that year into 3 apartments – I was a single mom.

I’m not sharing this to show off. I am sharing this because it’s a skill and mindset I’ve trained to achieve all of this and more.

Getting what you want in life is an inside job and oftentimes asks for commitment, focus, courage and resilience.

I am sharing this to demonstrate that when all the odds seemed against me, or I faced ‘defeat’ and challenges, I focused on where I wanted to go and stepped up my game. But most importantly, I am sharing this because if I can do it, so can you! 

Do you feel you need guidance or your (cross)road? Let’s connect to see if we are a match.

Ashwina, Business Shaman

Are you ready to lose?

To let go of everything that is in the way of who you truly are? You are greatness beyond measure and my gift is to help you get there

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