How To Make Money Being You?

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Ashwina interview Frank Boon

“What would it be like… If you feel that you’re in the wrong place? And because of that you take a break of 3 years? What if you then bring all that you have learned back into your old world?

I speak to Ashwina Ganpat about the journey she has taken.

For years she has made a career in the technical and corporate world, until it didn’t felt right anymore and decided to leave.

Not an easy thing to do if you are used to a good salary and a busy life. At once there is nothing…

But she had no choice. For years she had trained herself to trust her instincts, and her intuition now told her to make an important decision.

She quit her job and gave herself time to play and explore again. Regardless of all the pressure that society imposes on us.

When she came back, she went back into the corporate world. But there was one thing different…


You can hear how she dealt with that and how she made her journey in this interview!” — Frank Boon

Ashwina, Business Shaman

Are you ready to lose?

To let go of everything that is in the way of who you truly are? You are greatness beyond measure and my gift is to help you get there

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