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victory secret angel ashwina photoshoot ouders van nu

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for the Ouders van Nu (Parents of Now) photoshoot, Google Photo’s popped up on my screen and took me down memory lane. It showed this picture taken on 11-11-2018, my son was only 3 months old. The moment I noticed that I was wearing my Nike joggings I saw a connection.

Nike, body, victoria secret photoshoot

For those who don’t know, Nike is my all time favorite sports brand. Did you know that Nike was named after the Greek Goddess Nike and that the Nike symbol represents a(n) (angel) wing? And to add to that, the goddess Nike personified Victory and her Roman equivalent was named Victoria.

Yesterday — exactly 3 years later on 11/11 – it’s motherhood that brought me on the set of the Ouders van Nu magazine photoshoot. Dressed down to only my underwear I felt like a Victoria Secret Angel!

The reason why I said YES to this photoshoot and interview? This shoot is a celebration of my victory! Of overcoming my feelings of shame, not feeling beautiful or comfortable in my own skin. After years of practicing self love, becoming a mom was the final push that helped to fully love and embrace my body with all her perfect imperfections.

You can read the interview here. 

Interested in the behind the scenes of this shoot? You can watch it here.

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